IET’s mission is to deliver business consulting and marketing strategy that works to create balance and prosperity in the lives of the doctors, attorneys, business owners and managers we work with.

Take a Fresh Look at Your Company.

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There is no business today who can’t benefit from an outside review of organization, staff efficiency, production processes, marketing and sales strategy

You could be losing 15%-25% of your profits. What does that mean in a year or five years? IET analyzes your business, works with you to review your business processes and then plans a tailored program. Then works with you to get it done. We’re hands on all the way. You will gain vital insight, direction and the transformative steps to turn losses into massive profits.

IET delivers consulting, online marketing, training, coaching, and workshops to practices and business professionals across the world with a keen focus on increasing efficiency, productivity and enhancing balance to the professional’s lifestyle. IET has helped thousands of doctors, executives and business owners achieve greater skill and satisfaction towards the attainment of their goals.

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