Our Vision

I want to describe the concept behind our activities at International Executive Technology (IET).

The desire of the individual businessperson to succeed in business is a motivation that is well-intended and seemingly simple. Creating your own company can be one of the most rewarding accomplishments in a lifetime. But how many entrepreneurs walk out into the world bright-eyed and hopeful but only too soon hit a wall of confusion and chaos and find their dreams blunted or even shattered?

Consider this report published by Investopedia online:

“Many small businesses start up every month, but the failure rate is high. As of 2021, 20% failed in the first year, 50% within five years, and 65% within ten years.

“According to business owners, reasons for failure include money running out, being in the wrong market, a lack of research, bad partnerships, ineffective marketing, and not being an expert in the industry.”

At International Executive Technology, we find that many startups usually do not lack the technical expertise for their field. No, what they lack is the business management, organization and personnel know-how to run a successful company.

Here at IET, we’ve worked with hundreds of business executives and company CEOs. All of them had their specialized technology – and most were well trained in their industry. This included owners of manufacturing companies, design companies, insurance companies, finance companies, dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, health coaches, flying car builders, racing teams – the list goes on.

The challenge for all of them is not a lack of their specialized ability or knowledge of their technology – but their lack of management skills!

In the last thirty-five years, we have seen every version of failure and business challenges. Our expertise lies in the know-how to take the dreams that have been blunted and turn them into thriving and expanding businesses. We invite you to take the complimentary business analysis and contact us about your current problems and your dreams of growth.

Rohn Walker
Founder and CEO

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