IET services are each aligned and developed to grow your business. You might have one area to improve,or multiple. We’ll work with you to locate the key elements causing stress and holding your company back from real prosperity and stability.

Organizing Board ICON

Organizing Board

The vital functions of your organization, charted for perfect production flow

This chart encompasses the vital functions all organizations must have in order to not only function, but to expand. An organization with any of these functions missing or poorly organized will to that degree be crippled and not function or expand correctly. This board also provides the organization with the proper flows for its products so they are produced with high quality and move through the organization in a timely manner to be exchanged with its customers.

Statistics ICON

Statistics and Graphs

A measurable system to track success and expansion or lack of it

Statistics are indicators, good or bad, of whether or not an organization is expanding or contracting. We often find organizations having some form of measuring their production in the way of statistics but are limited to only a few statistics of the organization as a whole and are lacking statistics for each of its departments and even more importantly, its individual employees. This can cause executives to “second guess” what is going on in their organization and miss the mark on who and what is truly causing their expansion or worse, their contraction.

Communications ICON

Communications System

Everything in your company travels on lines, make sure they are rock solid and flow properly

Most business owners and executives know how important communication is in a business. But beyond just having a communication system, it is vital that system operates smoothly with no stops or slows. We ensure not only that a communication system is properly in place, but that the organization has a way to detect and remedy any stops or slows in its communication system that could jam production and expansion.

Leadership - ICON

Executive Leadership

The most important function in the organization is an exact skill

Executive leadership has become a lost art. Professionals are well taught the skills of their profession but schools and universities today lack programs that teach the professional how to manage his employees and his business. This winds up with overworked executives and frustrated employees. It is one thing to be able to perform a technical or professional skill, it is quite another to get others to do the work you require of them. Lacking training in this area can lead an executive to believe “they just haven’t got it” or even “they just have bad employees.” No, this skill can be taught and we provide training for both executives and staff so that the organization works together as a team.

Sales ICON


Drilling and training so you achieve your income goals

We at IET know that in any business, your sales force—be it you alone or a team of sales people—is the department that generates revenue. No matter how good your service or product is, how cutting-edge your technology is, how well you are organized, you still have to sell or everything else is for not. It’s been said that 80% of sales are closed by 20% of the sales force and that more than 50% of your customer’s are walking out the door because your sales team are ineffective closer’s! We address and Drill the core abilities to make your sales team close 80% of their sale’s so you can attain your income goals.

Marketing ICON


The essence of marketing is to understand your customers’ needs and develop a plan that surrounds those needs—and grows your business! A key to this is having a marketing strategy. Good marketing will make you and your company overwhelmingly popular and create widespread demand for your products and services. IET marketing specialists work with you to do the necessary research and surveys for your business, services or product to create a viable and tailored strategic marketing plan. This plan will result in a program to reach new customers you aren’t currently attracting, keep your current clients coming for more, make sure your products and services are priced competitively, develop your message and prepare appropriate promotional materials based on your types of clients and goals. Your strategy may also include website design, search engine optimization (SEO) and many types of relatively inexpensive internet marketing solutions. IET can make sure you are capitalizing on all the marketing tools available to grow your business.


Human Resources

Know exactly who to hire and how to handle staff to get production and prosperity

How do you hire the right people and let go of the wrong ones? This point is often the make-break point in both large and small organizations around the world. Companies can go through great expense searching for the right employees and training them only to find out the person wasn’t really suited for the job or in some cases, the employee had the skills but their personality clashed and created conflicts within the organization costing valuable time and money while creating stress within the company. Many people hire on resume only and miss the boat on ensuring the person is a right fight for the organization. They also face uncertainties on when and how to fire a person who’s actions are destructive to the survival of the organization. We have tools and training that take the guessing out of HR and put stability in your organization with stable and productive employees.


In fact we enlisted the help of a Los Angeles film production company to create a 42 minute film called Emotions in the Workplace. Watch this to:

  • Learn the secrets of how to determine who will make a great employee
  • Learn how to avoid hiring bad ones.
  • Make your current employees more productive and happier.
  • Reduce stress in your workplace