4 Tips for Marketing During a Recession

4 Tips for Marketing During a Recession

Are you worried about the recession? There are things you can do right now to not only survive a recession but flourish and prosper as well. Here then are 4 Tips for Marketing During a Recession. As always, if you have any questions, please contact me


Do you want your business to grow and stand out during this challenging time? Great! That’s what I like to hear! I want you to thrive – and a great time to do that is when times are tough.  But it can be tough marketing during a recession.

Marketing During a Recession Tips:

So, I want to address any marketing concerns you may have about the looming recession as you hear bad news in the media or feel it in price hikes all around you. Rising prices, information from family or friends, and the press can cause stress. It can bring rise to questions like, “Should I be promoting? Should I pull my flippers in and not reach out as far?” Okay, so we’re going to talk about this. What are some things we can do to “recession-proof” our businesses?

1.    Stay Authentic

Promoting your purpose and building trust in your products or services is crucial. So let’s start doing more work with social media that shares our story — who we are. Do posts that are informational and useful to your clients. Consider things your clients or patients ask for when they come in to get help, whether you’re a chiropractor, a dentist, a veterinarian, or any other business owner. Talk to them about that on social media. Address pain points on your social media that they’ve got. Show them three tips to do this, five ways to help them with this, or seven ways you can address that problem. For example, tell them how they can help their children, pets, or their health or the health of a loved one. In other words, show your passion for helping others through social media. Give them information that will help them right away.

2.    Use Questions to Interact with the Public on Social Media

Questions are great for your social media. Ask a question with your post and include a related picture with that question. Relate this to your target audience. These can get people responding with their answers and photos – especially things they may like to take pictures of and respond with, such as their pets, house, car, and kids. Come up with reasons to post something fun and community-centric such as “puppy picture week.” Okay. So you do a post, you post a puppy picture or a cat picture of your pet. You’re a business owner. You probably have a pet. With the post you say “Hey, everybody, post a picture of your pet and something you love about your pet. What I love about my pet is….” So a lot of authenticity in your social feeds. This can lead to a lot of engagement.

3.    Newsletter Emails

Another thing is you can do newsletter emails to your whole list. Use email to set up an account on MailChimp or MailerLite. If you’re not using email often, realize email is a fantastic way to reengage your existing list of clients. So you can send a newsletter out for that month. You can share a blog you wrote or talk about something in your industry that’s helpful to your client base and then remind them they can come back in. They can get more services from you or buy other products that’ll help them based on your target audience’s needs.

4.    Review and Upgrade Your Website

Finally, I want to talk about your website — this might have a cost associated with it but look at your website newly. Does your website stand up to the competition in your community, area, or industry? Is your website going to engage people better than the competition instantly? So take a look at that. Does it portray you, your industry, your activities, and the things you’re doing? When people visit it, will it entice them to do business with you?

So, check your website. When you go to it, does it engage you right away? You know, you could have videos on it. You could have pictures of you doing treatment or using your products to show how to use them—photos and videos of you are fantastic for your website.

And then, look at your competition and do this survey. How do you stand up against your local competition? Make sure that you’re doing the same things. If you need to upgrade your website or get a new website, then this is the time to look at it. Because in a recession, you need to put out promotions, talking more, not less! Your competitors are also worried and are likely to start pulling in their flippers. Well, you do not want to be the one doing that. You can capture more clients and more patients by being the one who is communicating more.

Final Words on Marketing During a Recession

During a recession, it is human nature to become worried and think that you had better spend less. But I have seen companies go under during hard times because they cut back on their quality of service to “save money,” and they put less money into promotions. Businesses like these don’t survive the long haul.

What you need to do right now is put out more social media and emails and upgrade your website and your online business listings. Upgrade your Google page, your Facebook business page, or your Instagram business page. Get these things set up well.

With the challenging economy we’re experiencing, get more aggressive with your marketing and promotion. “Put the peddle to the metal,” so to speak, rather than pulling in and being conservative and backing off. Lay into it! Doing the above is what is going to help you win and win big!

Don’t STRUGGLE as a business owner – THRIVE!

Cebron Walker
CEO, Walker Kreative Digital Marketing Agency

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