Promoting Your Non-Profit Online

Baseball with a mitt and bat

This morning I was talking with a wonderful new friend named Phil Swimley about baseball and his efforts to make it more accessible to young kids. Phil is a Davis, California native, he was the head coach of the Davis Aggies baseball team for many years in the 1970s and 80s and did some coaching […]

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How to Deal with Negative Employees


A business has many assets – its technology, its product, its customers and most notably, its employees. Your team is one of your major assets. Without a good team, you are not going to be able to deliver your service or product to your customers as you intend. To that degree, you’ll have difficulty building […]

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5 Leadership Traits of Successful People

Here are five common traits that turn dreamers into doers. We all have dreams. But how many of us actually fulfill them? Making dreams come true is the thing of movies, right? On TV we see it happen. We idolize those that have managed to realize the seemingly impossible. Hundreds of books have been written […]

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Are Your Employees Assets or Liabilities?

One of your greatest assets is one that’s often overlooked. I’m talking about your personnel. Not just their training or professional experience but something even more intricate – their emotional tone. Every person is in a particular “emotional state” or tone at any given time. Although they may change tones for short periods, people are […]

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How Long Will It Take to Double My Money?

Before making any investment decision, one of the key elements you face is working out the real rate of return on your investment. Compound interest is critical to investment growth. Whether your financial portfolio consists solely of a deposit account at your local bank or a series of highly leveraged investments, your rate of return […]

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Stand Out from the Crowd and Increase Sales

There’s an important but simple marketing step that can help take your sales and income into a much higher range. You may understand the audience for your product or service.  Your promotion may be well written and your sales people gung-ho.  But you’ll lose potential income if you lack this point: You must tell people […]

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