Achieve Your 2017 Goal—The Last 100 Days

Achieve Your 2017 Goal—The Last 100 Days

Making your Targets and Goals

You, of course, realized that there are now 100 days left to reach your major goal or goals for the year, right? Well, maybe you didn’t think about it. So, here is my nudge to you. 100 days is a great chunk of time to now take a fresh look at what you can accomplish this year to mark a big DONE on a life or business milestone.

Maybe this milestone is increasing company income by 2X last year, or five sales staff stable and producing good revenue for the company, A new website that really sells your product or service, 1,000 likes on your company Facebook page, building your email list to 5,000 names. Then again, your goal may be to lose 50 lbs this year or run a triathlon (if there is one in December you can still do it!)

It doesn’t matter what your goal is but let’s reaffirm it now and make sure it challenges us to pull it off and end the year on a big win for yourself—businesswise and/or life-wise.

Writing this end of year goal down, if not done already, is the first step to taking it seriously. Post it up somewhere right in your face. In my house that’s the fridge. Another good place is the white board in your office or conference room – nice and big so you see it every day. By putting pen to paper and posting it, it forces you to focus, and to constantly identify the goal you are working toward.

Another good thing about this exercise of writing down and posting your goal is that when you’re seeing it and working on it and making progress day to day, it actually makes you happier. Yup. Progress on a determined positive course is awesome happiness therapy.

These final 100 days is a good-long time to stay focused, so set milestones you should reach each week or every 10 days. Failure to set sub-targets for short term wins towards our end goal means you’re planning to what? Fail, that’s right. Plan to win by setting weekly or 10-day targets.

Here is some inspiration for you. A video produced by Inc. Magazine that makes the point on setting and achieving your end goal. Check it:

Here’s to an awesome end of your goal achieved.

PS: Check out this killer story just published in Robb Report about our friends at Samson Motor Works, the creators of the Switchblade Flying Sports Car. These guys have set a serious end of year goal: first test flight of their flying car! See Article

flying sports car


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