Managing Tips for the Exhausted Business Owner

Managing Tips for the Exhausted Business Owner

Have you ever found yourself working like mad only to realize at the end of the day you or your business produced very little for the amount of energy you expended? Unfortunately the amount of energy expended does not necessarily equal production and increased cash flow.

So if you and your employees are working so hard why isn’t production and cash flow increasing?

Think of it in terms of the flow of electricity to a lightbulb. Electricity follows the path of least resistance. When there is nothing interfering with the flow of electricity it moves directly to the light bulb.
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Here is an example of something causing resistance and gaps in the flow of electricity.
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In order to arc the gap you must increase the power!
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This is what typically happens in an organization – they work harder in an effort to bypass the points of resistance. Points of resistance in an organization are things such as poor or slow service; products not fully completed or poorly completed, untrained personnel, unqualified personnel, etc.

Eradicating the points of resistance and filling in the gaps is a more effective way to keep the “light bulb” of net profit burning. How do you find these points of resistance in your organization?

There is much more to learn about this which I cover in my workshop on Organizing for Success. I just delivered this workshop to a company in the Reno, Nevada and a few days later flew to Bangkok, Thailand and gave the same workshop. The execs in both areas of the world had rave reviews as they had never looked at their business as an energy unit!

The areas of their business that were not working smoothly either had one or more “resistor” on their “Energy” or on their speed of production, or the Energy was dispersing causing lost production and therefore lost INCOME!

Your job as an Executive is to spot the stops or slows in your businesses production and get them handled or removed. If you do, you’ll be less exhausted, see increased production and income and raised staff morale!

I am delivering this workshop in Sacramento on September 16th, 2015 in downtown Sacramento, Ca. International Executive Technology’s “Ignite Business” seminars are held every 2 months in selected cities in Northern California and around the world.

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