Unwrapping Success: 12 Days of Christmas with IET

Unwrapping Success: 12 Days of Christmas with IET

‘Tis the season to be strategic! As the holiday spirit fills the air, IET is excited to present our version of the classic “12 Days of Christmas.” Join us as we unwrap our commitment to helping businesses thrive. This festive season, we’re not just decking the halls but also decking out your business strategy for a prosperous New Year.

On the first day of Christmas my consultant gave to me: 

New Year Strategic Planning

Strategic planning for 2024 is your roadmap to success. Our experts will work with you to outline goals, identify opportunities, and set the stage for a year of growth.

On the second day of Christmas my consultant gave to me:

Two Free Business Analyses

When you struggle with the day-to-day problems of your business, analyzing what’s going on and developing solutions can be challenging. IET’s business assessment and analysis pinpoint a company’s strengths and weaknesses. Many business owners are amazed to find out that with our business analysis, we know more about their business than they do!

Let our skilled analysts delve deep into your operations, providing insights to guide your decision-making and enhance overall efficiency. Fill out the business analysis questionnaire and get a clear view of your company for no cost or obligation.

On the third day of Christmas my consultant gave to me:

Three Successful Marketing Programs

‘Tis the season to stand out! Unwrap tailor-made marketing programs that guarantee success. From digital campaigns to traditional outreach, we’ve got your brand covered and ready to shine in the competitive market.

On the fourth day of Christmas my consultant gave to me:

Four Exec Training Workshops

Empower your leadership team with executive training workshops. Strengthen skills, foster collaboration, and ensure your executives are equipped to navigate the upcoming year’s challenges.

On the fifth day of Christmas my consultant gave to me:

Five Expansion Programs!

Fulfill your growth ambitions with expansion programs! Whether you’re eyeing new markets or diversifying your product line, IET will guide you with programs aligned with your strategic plan to map your success.

On the sixth day of Christmas my consultant gave to me:

Six Statistical Analyses

Data-driven decisions lead to success.  Statistical analyses provide a comprehensive understanding of your business landscape. Harness the power of data for informed strategies and measurable results.

On the seventh day of Christmas my consultant gave to me:

Seven Organizing Divisions

Optimize your business structure with our expertise in organizing your functions and products into seven vital divisions. The seven-division organizing board provides the proper flows for its products, so they are produced with high quality, moved through the organization in a timely manner, and exchanged with your customers.

On the eighth day of Christmas my consultant gave to me:

Eight Staff Training Seminars

Invest in your most valuable asset—your staff. IET designs its staff training seminars to enhance skills, boost morale, and foster a culture of continuous learning within your organization.

On the ninth day of Christmas my consultant gave to me:

Nine Bright Ideas

Infuse innovation into your business with our bright ideas for achieving your goals. IET is here to spark creativity and drive your company forward, from product enhancements to process improvements.

On the tenth day of Christmas my consultant gave to me:

Ten Coaching Sessions

Personalized guidance is the key to success. Enjoy in-person and remote coaching sessions that empower your leadership team and key employees, helping them unlock their full potential.

On the eleventh day of Christmas my consultant gave to me:

Eleven Successful Business Tips

We are excited to share the successful business tips we have gleaned from our 30-plus years of successful business consulting practices. Benefit from our experience as we share insights to propel your business to new heights.

On the twelfth day of Christmas my consultant gave to me:

Twelve Inspiring Newsletters

Keep in touch throughout the year with our twelve inspiring newsletters, written to keep you informed on consulting strategies in the business world.


This holiday season, let International Executive Technology be your partner in success. Our 12 Days of Christmas with IET are more than just festive gestures; they are a commitment to seeing your business thrive. Unwrap the gift of success by getting your personalized consulting program with us and make 2024 your most prosperous year yet!

Your Committed Team

International Executive Technology

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